WTS character nickname 7 of Nine


Low SP character,almost 11 yeard old.
Selling for obvious reason.nickname 7 of Nine.

Never used for pvp or pve,security status 0.0
No isk no assets,just a PI character.
Character located in C2 wormhole doing PI,will be moved to Jita HS before transfer
Character has no jump clones

Sidenote: Seller will pay for the character transfer,meaning i need to spend 20EUR + i want to make profit obviously.
So pls think about that when bidding

Open for bids

Sent you an in-game message.

3 bil. ISK?

Daily bump,still open for bids


3,4 bil.?

Ty all for offers. Auction will still remain. (made a small update)

Still open for bids,more skills learned for PI

3,5 bil. ?

4 bil.?

Ty for bids,i will accept the 4b bid when i come back home in 2 days. (unless someone puts a higher bid)

4,5 bil.?

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