WTS Chremoas and Caedes

Chremoas and Caedes up for sale

Both in Jita

Chremoas min. 250B
Caedes - Sold -

so you dont need to offer lower prices

105 for Caedes

ill take the caedes please. contract to me

2 people same price, one of you need to pass or go higher otherwise i dont know to who i should contract it

24h from now on then highest bid on the caedes wins

215 for the chremoas

Check mail for caedes offer

220 Chremoas

106 for Caedes

340 for both

Snedige: sorry, no
Admiral: no
Market: mail checked and answered, your the highest bid

10 Min to go for the Caedes
Highest Bid: 107b

107.5 for Caedes to make the race official

225 for Chremoas

Caedes Sold Auction winner Marcus

250 bid chrem

255b chrem

you got any more Caedes for that price?

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