WTS clean 2004 18.4mil SP Character

(hungsolo) #1


2004 Character

3 remaps
1 re sculpt
22k Unallocated SP

No corp history
located in Jita
+5 implants
positive wallet
no kill rights
No wasted skills
and of course a cool name

I’m taking offers but am in no need to sell. I value this character more because of his age and name, so don’t be offended if I don’t accept your avg offer.

(Maizie Fields) #2

12 bil.

“hungsolo” doesn’t do much for me. If you were “Attila the Hung” or “Hung Kong” or more amusing similar, I might be able to get to a premium for the name…

(Red Lola) #3

13 bil

(hungsolo) #4

Sorry looking for more

(Dada Wang) #5


(CPT Menerva) #6


(hungsolo) #7

thanks for the offers, I will take 16b no less.

(Joshua Raynolds) #8

16b bo

(hungsolo) #9

I can do 16b , mail me your account info and isk and I will make the transfer

(Joshua Raynolds) #10

Isk and acc name send

(hungsolo) #11

Transfer started, isk and account info received , thank you and enjoy.

(system) #12

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