WTS Clean Avatar Pilot


I am looking to sell a clean Avatar Pilot! NO Losses NO Kills, you can do it! :grinning:

Amarr Titan Skill injected!! Also trained on Interceptor for travelling.
Amarr Titan on Level IV
All relevant skills injected and currently training to Level V!


Only serious offers please… No firesale…


o/ Nathalie Sharvas

15B offer


16b isk ready

17b ready

18B ready

18.5b Cash monies

19b ready


20b :slight_smile: !


bump buyout 30b

Throwing up a 30b buyout is a pretty big insult to those of us already bidding. This character is worth 14-15b in skillpoints and the titan skillbook puts it exactly at 20b. Sygate and I are already putting bids in for what this character is worth as it is and this character is barely more than a titan sitter. In order for this character to be worth 30b it’d have to have about 3-4 High-grade pods laying around somewhere, which it doesn’t.

ZERO Armor compensation skills
Engineering skills are hanging by a thread
Cybernetics 1
Biology ZERO
ZERO Infomorph skills
780k SP wasted in Scanning
Can’t fly an interceptor to be able to get out to null
Adv. Targeting ZERO
Radar Sensor Comp ZERO
Hull Upgrades not at 5
Mechanics not at 5
ZERO overheating skills

This character would take 6+ months of training or over 10b of injectors to be able to fly a SRPable Avatar.

You should really reconsider this 30b buyout and accept either mine or Sygates bid. My 20.5b offer will be my max.

Withdrawing my offer, found a more reasonable seller.

21B offer its top price

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