WTS Combat alt w/ 49K SPs

Born: 2022.12.08
Security Status: 5.0
Skill Points: 49 395 103 (all allocated, focused on Jackdaws and Tengus for PVE)
Implants: Evepraisal - Appraisal 15wci0: 3.71 Billion Buy / 4.21 Billion Sell (worth over 4B isk)
Kill Rights: None
Assets: None
Current location: Jita 4/4

Please make your character “public” we cant see the skillboard, ty ./.

Apologies. Done.

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26 bill

Extraction value of this alt is well above 35b @Zimous for your information.
Any offer lower is better that you extract it yourself :wink:

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Thank you, but how did you reached that value? If you don’t mind explaining it to me.

Do you calculate how much it would cost to extract and how much the injectors would sell for and figure out the profit I would make?

But yeah, if I don’t get a decent offer I’ll just extract it myself. From my calculations if I extract them myself, I only need to sell 60% of the injectors to get my money back, the rest is for me to use/sell as I please. And considering that I have to pay real money to get a character transferred might as well just extract it myself and send the character to the grinder.

Closed at the request of the OP

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