WTS Cormack Neutron Blasters x4

Looking to sell these as a set of 4. Perfect for your incursion Kronos.

Minimum bid: 100B
Buyout: 128B

I will bump this once a day for seven days, and then take the highest bidder if the 100B minimum has been met.


Have a 100b offer!

mail sent

I’d trade you a Moreau fort for these if interested

Definitely convo me before you sell to a reseller like Alocose, cheers

What are you on about?

Contract is up

I’ll offer 150 bil

Well clearly I screwed this up with a low buyout. But my word is my bond. Just put the contract up

To Alocose that is

Thank you

ohh i dont know, https://i.imgur.com/ZH8ANDc.png already started reselling huh? how about your deleted message how youre gonna use them?

I don’t know why you have a problem with me, especially since you were the one who was offering the bare minimum bid of 100b. I don’t need to explain to you or anyone what I intend to do with my assets. This thread had a B/O, I offered the buy out, someone tried to cut in after a contract had already been sent, and the seller had integrity to follow through on the agreed upon sale. I do not buy assets with contingencies of what can and cannot be done with them. I use many of my rare modules / ships until I get an offer that is enticing enough to make me move on to the next toy. I always have everything I own offered up for sale at all times. That is how I choose to play eve and there is nothing wrong with that. I don’t have sentimental attachment to any assets in eve, it is a game. Everything is for sale for the right price, and in the meantime I get to enjoy what I have. Since gally castlehaven had such integrity, I will sell them back the blasters if they so choose for the original 128b ISK for the next 48 hours. @Rein3r @Gally_Castlehaven As for deleting my post, I do not leave posts up showing what I paid for my assets, again that is my business. In the future Rein3r, instead of trying to come up with tactics to attempt to diminish the reputation of someone who is bidding on a like item, just offer a fair price upfront if you want something.

edit: If you want the blasters back reply to this thread and I will send you the contract.

That is kind of you to offer, but as you say the offer had a buyout and you met it. Dumb of me to set it low but that is how it goes. (In my defense the market intel is light for this item!) I made about three bigger mistakes than this IRL today so I am not going to sweat this one too much. You are correct that the blasters belong to you and you can do as you please with them. Deal is a deal.

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^^ Respect to both of y’all ^^

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removed off topic.

thats a whole lotta words, too bad i aint readin em xD

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i was just calling you out on your own words and actions, you can try and flex the truth in your way but facts will be facts

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