WTS: Cormacks DC

Current jita market is 49B, open to offers :slight_smile:

willing to trade for 6X Marshals or 10477 Plex


Looks like a few sold for 30B. Would you take 30B?

42 is lowest id go

Considering jita sell is 49 and jita buy is 33


Take 40?

42 is about lowest ill go

Would you do 4 marshal’s and 5b?

thats only about 37b, would have to be 4 and 10

I’ll do 4 and 7b. That’s my offer

jita is 49b, 39 is a nice offer, but wont go below 42

Current buy for marshal’s in Jita 4-4 is 8.4b/unit after tax. Plus the 7b in cash. You are at 40.6b total.

aight so still under 42b :wink: and with marshals being a pretty volatile price range, i wouldnt appraise them above 8b for any extended period

That’s fair. Thanks for the consideration

Contract is up, need marshals for a fleet tonight, so you got lucky that i wanna have fun :stuck_out_tongue: lol

Done. Thanks

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