WTS Cyno 5 Prospect Tackler- 5.2Mil SP


Want to sell this toon. She is a good little cyno five tackler.

Starting Bid- 4.0BIL
Buyout - 4.7BIL

Contact me for more information or sales questions

I am for sale

Hump De Bump

Bumpity bump

Bump Digity

Bump a lump

Still for sallleee

You willing to come down? I’m interested but not st that price.

2.5b offered

No thanks. Thats less then the transfer cost so i would literally just let it lapse.

It costs 3.2 to transfer a char… Go away and stop trolling my threads thanks k bye

3.8? Talk to me, I’m interested.

Warmest regards,


Yeah i just sucked the sp out of this and left it
so not for sale anymore

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