WTS Cyno/T2 Mining Pilot

NPC corp
Only been used as an alt for cynos
Positive Isk Wallet
Positive Security Status
No Kill Rights
Located in Highsec

Auction style purchase

What are you looking to get for the character

Just taking offers for now


I’m interested shoot me a price. Looking for a couple cyno pilots.


people are crazy for T2 miner,6b? you can even get a char like this by uourself

If you want to make a lower offer I’d consider it, this is my first character for sale.

Well I mean here is a guy offer 6 b, from my view 6m char can ez get by 2 month omega and next vision of game is coming about that time

You can take that guy’s offer 6b is good for this char

are u serious? if u buy a 6m char for 6b ur straight up dumb lol

I will try 2.5b first and see if i can get this

2.6B offer

3b offer

3.1bn offer. Btw when does the auction end?

3.2 bill offer


3.5B offer

Bid 3.6B

Bid 3.8B