One bpc avaliable in hisec. Waiting offers.

What number are you looking for?


I offer 1 bill

What price did you have in mind?

He said 40b in the blueprints channel.

Yes, while this is exclusive offer in the market - we will start from 40.

No buyers? Is not Vehement, so the cost of cap parts only 1,7b )


17.5 bil

17,5? Good, double it, and we can start a real talk )

20 bill

Offer good for 48hrs

48 hrs… offer good for 21 billion

With this budget you guys better try to buy Veh. Blood caps more rare, this is first Dagon bpc on eve forums for sale.

Sounds like a ‘you’ problem for not setting an opening bid… 21.5b 24hrs

of course it’s not a Vehement. Dagon is a FAX not a dread.
If you had the Chemosh, people might want to jump on it at that price. The last one sold for 40b built, not BPC.

Good luck on your auction, but a fax is not worth 40b

Ty for reply. Of course, we can discuss about discount (build price). Or i can build it myself, but i think bpc is more convenient to transpose than ship.

23b buyout offer

Btw i can build ship and move it in Maila etc. Final price same, but buyer need wait )

This pretty much. ^

I’d love to buy it off you purely for collecting, but 40bil is simply too steep. Honestly shocked some are offering over 20bil atm.