WTS: DREAD 44.6m T2 Revelation and Gallante subcap. 40B B/O

Was training this as an Avatar titan alt. About 7 months off.
T2 gun Dread JDC V
I suppose could be a Super Carrier pilot as well. Good drone skills
Good Ishtar pilot for DED

  • Single use resculpting available.
    Shadow Demise <-Skill Link
    44,587,695 Skill Points 50k unused

  • Cybernetics V
    Jump Clones:

  • Mid-grade Slave with Omega


  • Recon Ships
  • Logistics Cruisers
  • Heavy Assault Cruisers V
  • Gallente Battleship V
  • Gallente Cruiser V
  • Gallente Frigate V
  • Gallente Industrial V
  • Vindicator

Revelation Pilot:

  • T2 Siege
  • T2 Pulse
  • Jump Drive Calibration V

Gunnery: 24 Gunnery skills trained for a total of 11,721,807 skillpoints

  • Large Energy Turret V
  • Large Hybrid Turret V
  • Medium Hybrid Turret V
  • Small Hybrid Turret V

Drones: 5,979,055 skillpoints

  • T2 Sentry drone
  • T2 Heavy

Neural Remap Available:
Bonus remaps Available: 1

Many cross trained skills to fly other class ships. Suggest you take a look at the skills closely.

Thanks for looking.

40B B/O

Wallet balance Positive
Kill rights None
Jump clones Low Sec
Character location High Security *Nourvukaiken
Seller *Me pays transfer fees

Not that great Tank skills…
Capital Ships at III…
Lack of gunnery Support skills…


Sure armor comp skills are 4 not V but other important ones are V.
Capital ship skill is at 3, and you can fly the caps it flys at 3.
Only two skills for gunnery support not at V. and those are NOT damage modifier related.
Controlled Burst 422k sp off
Trajectory Analysis 1.1m sp off and 5% falloff, hardly an effect for Amarr lasers.

Just to clarify and not to misled others.
Thank you.

Does 36B accept it?

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It’s a good toon. Currently willpower and perception main attribute.
Train 2.2-2.5m sp month on capital skills
Neural Remap Available:
Bonus remaps Available: 1

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40B b/o anyone?

A great alt toon going for cheap.
40b who will take this combat alt

35b ready now, if you interesting.
No cap rep and cap neit…

The last buffer Revelation I flew had a Neutralizer

  • Capacitor Emission Systems / Level: 4 / SP: 90,510 of 512,000
    Meets prerequisites

A true active revelation is going to take a lot of skill points, all V’s. Throwing away money unless you do. Was going Avatar rout on this alt, which is’nt in need of all that.

Toon is Perception Willpower attribute with 1 year and 1 free remap.

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