WTS Erebus sItter

Hello, looking to sell myself, an Erebus sitter ready to use for bridging / moving.

  • Gallente Titan IV
  • AWU V
  • JDC V
  • Jump Portal Gen IV
  • Cyber V
  • Handsome Portrait


Positive wallet, Located In jita 4-4, no KR, will be in Npc corp ASAP.

Starting Price :25 B
BO : 35 B

I’ll try to check as much as possible the topic but between my work and other IRL things I’m a lot busy, thanks for your comprehension.



Bump, if nothing much more happen until this WE Brooks will win it.

Last bump if nothing happen.

you’ve won the auction, send me isk and acc info thanks

isk and info sent

info and isk received, transfert initiated

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