WTS Etana

For sale in Jita is one lightly used Etana. Clean carfax, tires recently rotated.

Best smallgang logi in the game. Be elite. 500b.

Small gang :smiley: HAHAHAHA

AT LOGI - yes :slight_smile:
happy to see this out there - Best of luck with sale

Hi Casper,
I’m sure that if you had small gang experience, or any experience with AT ships, you would know that the Etana is in fact the premier small gang logi in 2020.

I suppose in a pinch this could be used in the AT, but do be aware that this violates the manufacturers warranty.

Thanks :slight_smile:


I reactivated my acct just to let u know i laughed so hard at this reply. My sides hurt so bad!
takes sip of drink
Lets see where this goes…


For a limited time, put 100% of your isk down and get 100% APR through 2020.

Hilarious. thanks for this gold laughter

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Freshly waxed, and comes with a limited warranty for 15 AU! Order now!

Order now and receive a free air freshener!

Check your credit worthiness today!

Don’t be fooled! AT-esque content is on the horizon! The time to claim your very own Etana with a fresh warranty is now…

still sale ))

400b b/o

Accepted, and I’ll even throw in a festive air freshener to hang from the rear view mirror.

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