WTS Excellent 2007 166M SP Sub-cap/Cap Combat Pilot

Greetings pilots.

I am selling this 166M SP lad who can fly almost everything in this game, except Titans, but who needs those anyway :grin:

Just for refference:

  • Armor skills all to V
  • Shield skills all to V
  • Drones skills all to V
  • Engineering skills all to V
  • Fleet support skills all to V
  • Scanning skills all to V
  • Missiles/Torpedos/Rockets all to V
  • T3C subsystems all to V
  • Top of the line Navigation skills
  • Exceptional Gunnery skills
  • Great Fighter skills
  • Excellent Hel/Nyx/Nid/Thanny/Nag/Moros skills
  • JDC V ofc :slight_smile:

etc… etc…

Link to the skills:


Couple of empy clones around NPC null + Mid-grade Crystals in DSS-EZ IV - Moon 1 - True Power Refinery (NPC Stain) and Genos in Ishomilken IX - Moon 4 - Corporate Police Force Assembly Plant (Lowsec)
Pro tip: Be careful, DSS-EZ is a kickout station :slight_smile:

One remap avaliable.

  • Will be located in Jita
  • Postive wallet
  • Positive security status (5.0)
  • No kill rights
  • Transfer will be paid by me

All CCP rules applies.

This unique pilot will not be sold for some cheap extraction price or whatever.

Minimum bid is 130 Bil ISK .
B/O is not set, hit me :slight_smile:

P.S It will run until i am satisfied with the offered bid.
P.P.S I reserve the right to cancel this sell if not satisfied with the price.

130 B offer

132 Bill

133 B

Bids noted. Bump

Retracted bid, ISK went to other investment :flushed:

Almost there… Bump

Bummer… back to the top.

my offer is still valid. One more toon is on my shopping list, so whoever agree first, will get the iskies.

ok… morning bump.

Bid retracted, bought another character.

Character Sold.

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