WTS excellent Focused Ishtar Alt (Recon 5 and Cyno 5 as well)

15 bil

Istoh Kanjus is now the highest bid at 19.5B bidding ends in 3 days

Bidding ends in 2 days

20.5B Buy out right now?


Hey guys as much as I’d love to take an offer right now, the only Buy Out I will entertain is 25B, per the original post.

I’ll accept the 20.5B and 21B as bids if you like.

Bidding ends in 1 day and 2 hours exactly.

ok that leaves 20.5B as the highest bid belonging to Tanya S, with about 13.5 hours left.

bidding ends in 2 hours and 17 minutes

Bidding has ended with Tanya S having the winning bid at 20.5B. If you want the char please reply here.

Hi, i have bought another Toon, I guess it can go to Istoh Kanjus


cool. Istoh?

18 buyout offer

It’s been interesting to watch this “auction” evolve. I’m not sure it makes sense to set a time interval “no matter what”. I was genuinely ready to pay 20b/20.5b but ended up finding another nicely tuned character with ~5-10 m more SP for 19.5b. My advice is repost it for 20b buyout and I think you’ll get it - because I think you’ve done a good job with the focus here. Not only Ishtar but Cyno 5 and Recon Ships. It would be easy to move this into perfect Proteus in 40-60 days.

thanks. i’m in no hurry. keep the offers coming fellas. 18 too low thanks though Powerseed

It’s not the matter of a hurry. It’s just a mismanaged auction IMHO.

I stopped watching this when I was out bid. I’m not really that interested right now as I spent isk on other things.

no sweat. still for sale


Can you accept 19.5B?

sure send me the isk and account into in game