WTS excellent Focused Ishtar Alt (Recon 5 and Cyno 5 as well)

I’m for sale. highlights - can fly a ceptor and a shield or armor ishtar with near max drone skills.

I have recon 5

I have cyno 5

Ramada O’Brien

Wallet balance : Positive.
Kill rights : No.
Character location : High Sec Space in NPC Corp

Starting bid: 20B
Buyout: 25B


bump for the day

19 bil offer

12 b offer

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I’ll offer 19bil, although could you update the skillboard please, its not showing total SP

Istoh - I’ll entertain 19B as the starting bid, congratulations. Bidding will close in 1 week. Technically I owe this to Babbulli though so if he’s still around and wants the char I’d be remiss not to let him have dibbs at 19B

Per your request the skillboard has been updated.

Okay In that case I’ll go 19.5b so that I’m the highest bidder

Edit: link wont work at all; now, might be the sites fault though

19.5b is the highest bid.

the link should be working now, I’ll repost it here for posterity:

Ramada O’Brien

20b bid, b/o, 24 hour expiration

20b b/o ignored due to expiration of 24 hours. 19.5b bid is still the highest. bidding ends in 6 days.

I suppose I was not paying attention. 20b bid then. You have a nicely tuned character.

20b highest offer. thank you, yeah sad to see her go. she’s a great char.

20B is the current highest bid and belongs to Artenno Pollard. Bidding ends in 5 days.

Bump for the day.

Bump for the day.

Bidding will end in 4 days

Question, how many remaps available?

Bid withdrawn; good luck with the sale.