WTS Exhumer BPO Set [Now selling separately]

I’m exploring selling my exhumer BPO set. Selling individually now.
Located in Perimeter.

Hulk is 10/14
Mackinaw is 10/12
Skiff is 10/18

I don’t have a set price in mind. Currently collecting offers


Still havent sold, game might be dead

Well most will be a FanFest in Iceland.

Good luck with your sale!

Offer of 2b each

Thanks Quentin, I just got back :smiley:
I’ll pass on the offer grim

5B each

It’s worth a lot more but I’ll start you with 100b on the hulk

I feel like a large part of the population has either taken a break or left eve all together. Im sure there are still big indistrialists out there but tbh they probably either already have those BPOs or they already have the ones they want/specialise in. So it might take a while to sell.

For sure a bunch have left or are afk, but an exhumer set is not that common. You are also correct that it will take a while to sell, and thats cool. Not in a rush


Offering 900bil for complete set.

Hmm thats pretty good.

Hey appreciate the offer.

I have a proposal for you, contact me in game if you are interested.

Feel free to send me an eve mail. Bump


These have been put up on public contracts as a set.

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bump, stilll available

These can now be purchased separately