WTS Exhumer V/T2 crystals 19.2M SP (520k unallocated) Capital skills

Now a for sale thread.

Has injected many Capital ship and navigation skills also.

Check EvEBoard -> http://eveboard.com/pilot/imploding_thunderpants

Located in high-sec near Jita.
Positive wallet
No kill rights

Start bid 15b
Buyout: 19b

Ending sunday @ 22:00 EVE time

I’ll buy him from you for 11.5bil

id say 11 to 14.5 bn

Thanks, but it seems a bit low. I would assume a char like this would be around the 17-20b mark?

I was refering to the Start price lowest etc… depends who wants it could be 20bn

Ahh, super thanks :slight_smile:

ill offer you 19bn if your after sale

Changed to a WTS thread, happy bidding.

Should I consider this a bid?

Still for sale.

15 billion

Still interested?

Adding a 19b buyout. Still for sale

16 billion

Thanks for your bid.

Still for sale.

19 bil b/o won’t be able to send isk for a week on vacation. Also most likely won’t be able to communicate since I’m on a cruise. o7


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