WTS 2008 - 103Mil SP


No Killrights
Positive Wallet and Sec status

Looking for offers around 90b

Convo/Message me ingame

75Bil ISK ready

Ok, if there are no better offers in 24 hours. I will sell to you.


76BISK ready now

Thanks for the bidding, I will end in 2 hours and sell to the top bidder.

Actually I’m gonna have to reduce my bid. I just noticed you have 0 remaps until 10 months from now. Sorry, but the way your points is allocated is a bit messy for me.

I can offer no more than 75B. Up to you what you decide to do.

ok, no worries. Then the bid will fall back to. Nuclear powered eve at 75.5bil

Let me know if your offer is still valid and we can go ahead with it.


Yup, please send me over the details and we can get it sorted.

isk and account details sent, awaiting transfer
Thank you

I have setup the transfer and should be with you soon

Email confirmation recieved, all good :smiley:
Thank you

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