WTS Exhumers / Miners / PI / VNI Pilots ( canceled )

(Harry Pines) #1


(Matra Stig) #2

Confirm for sale.

(Perpetualed) #3

It’s like holding a gun to the head of a puppy and saying I want my ISK :frowning:

(Harry Pines) #4

me and my sis are a bit older than puppies, but ye, we rather have someone take care of us than my current master extracting our brains :smiley:

(Perpetualed) #5

You rounded down the Extractor cost and rounded up the Injector… I smell a bit of a bias :slight_smile:

I will offer 9.5b and 11b

(Harry Pines) #6

Current prices
extractor 372.
Injector 815
This was a notepad copy/paste from 4 days ago, and only refers to a few millions difference, peanuts to the billions being offered on the bazaar :slight_smile:
Offers noted though :slight_smile: going to bed now, if noone outbids you, you might be lucky on some cheap characters. ( rather have new character slots to create/skill than make loss on 5mill SP biomass. )
anyway Goodnight!

(Zazzel Blackthorn) #7


(Perpetualed) #8


(Harry Pines) #9

giving it like 12 a 24 more hours till auction is closed.

(Harry Pines) #10

auction canceled, will extract, sorry for wasting peoples time!

(system) #11

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