WTS Exhumer's ready. 5M+ SP +500k


I’m for sale.
Perfectly clean history.
No kill rights
Positive wallet balance.
In HS.
In NPC Corp.

Ready to mine.

Pass: 1234

I reserve the right to cancel the sale if the offers don’t meet my personal requirements.

End of sale : on Sunday 22 Dec evening (eve time).

No bids under 5B.

5.5 bil

Bid Noted.

If your offer is still ongoing you can transfer isk to Zoran Tak. I will initiate the transfer. As a Christmas gift I’ll pay for Exhumer’s skill book.

Thank you! Give me a minute

isk and account name sent

Isk received. Transfer to the given account name initiated. (paid).

Character Transfer Initiated

Dear *********,

You have chosen to transfer the character Zoran Tak to the account named ************.

Mail from CCP received. Just erased the account names for safety.))

Thank you :slight_smile:

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