WTS Exponent Avatar - Titan V, DDRF V, Tank V, Fitting V, Nav V 56MSP

Password: 1337

No Killrights
Positive Sec Status
Sitting in +5’s in Jita
Wallet is Green

:grapes: - 9.5M Spaceship command - Straight for Titan
:cherries: 10.5M In Nav - Gotta move that fat-ass
:eggplant: 15.75M in Guns - Cap Specs to IV, Doomsday and Rapid at V & Supports at V
:peach: 3 Remaps, 250k Unallocated & a Great Name
Little to no wasted sp. Killboard Is green

Buyout - 62.5B
All offers considered.

Love the emojis, lol. I’ll start this off with 56b.

56.5, consider this character just been sold recently

@Ms_Penelope I love how your watching my every move :eyeglasses: :peach::eggplant::sweat_drops:
Little More :100::tm:

57, ready and able.

right about now…the funk sole brudda

bid withdraw

58B Bid ingame - 60 Will take the :cake::cupcake::moon_cake:

my offer 58B bil

60B B/O

61b isk ready

62.5 B/O please tell me shall we pay for the role to this Hodgey? If no ploblem I will give you a mail for the confirm

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