WTS extra focused Purifier pilot lvl4 FW


Can pull lvl5 missions Minmatar and if needed I can do 7+ unmodified for Gallente
Doing lvl4 FW missions 1.5m lp/4hours(you can check wallet as proof)

Covert Ops LVL5
Torpedo Skills - awesome
All necessary enigineering skills included

In my own corp
No killrights
Positive wallet
All CCP rules

I’m not in hurry to sell this toon, need to convert 12m lp that I earned this week
Selling because of tired of missions

Character is training, b/o price - 16b isk

Awesome bomber for LVL4 FW minmatar.
Can also pull LVL5 missions.
Can strip toon and sell as lvl5 puller(will do 8+ standings unmodified in 1-2hours) Gal/Min

I’ll start bidding at 7.5bil

Thanks, but no=) Character training, converted 12m lp already. I feel fine, thanks
Not in hurry with sell, price 16b, sb pilot+mission puller all in one

12b isk, if you move standing above 7 unmodified

Thanks sir, but minimum ill accept is 14b. Awesome alt for lp farming in minmatar. I’m not in hurry, nonstop training and gaining isk

Still looking for new owner. 14b. Farming lp was never so easy

13 bil and we got a deal, and you have to explain to me how this works lol.

Just bombs FW sites and cloaks for smalls and torpedoes battleships in large? Also does it come with the fitting as in what it can fly

The tactic is a bit different. You are doing lvl4 fw missions. I’m doing 24mission run in 2hours 22 minutes(time to pick missions+time to do them) that grant me from 430k lp to 750k lp + 55mil isk depends on Tier lvl.

Probably you need to know how, there is many hidden tips, but I earned around 28mil lp in 1 month that`s ~ 40b isk in https://zkillboard.com/kill/68536064/ (you can check wallet rewards)

If you never done lvl4 missions before and was never involved, this could disappoint you, and you will lose much ships w/o good profit.
Also your standing`s with Amarr wont allow to fly safe in their space.

Ill accept 14b as b/o or strip and use as lvl5 mission puller for myself.

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