WTS Myself - Focused Apostle & Arazu Pilot - 27m SP

Positive ISK Bal
No kill rights
Located in Duripant

Looking for around 29.25 Bill…maybe.

Price highly negotiable idk my own worth :woozy_face:

so, 1) you have to be in an npc corp to list the toon for sale.

  1. on the low end, figure 275m per extractor, so 12b give or take.

  2. after that you have some expensive skill books and can do some cool stuff but basically the minimum SP to do it and nothing else.

sometimes you see focused cap toons for got 20-24, but my guess is you end up in the mid to high teens.

20b isk ready if you accept the offer

it is in an npc corp u clown

deal. pay isk to me and send mail please w/ account name.

Offer 15b

yah way to low + some1 offered 20b which I accepted? lol?

dude hasn’t sent isk or mail. bump…

gib offers. not going below 20b.



u good?

bump :sunglasses::sunglasses::sunglasses:


Bump…open to all offers

“Focused arazu pilot”, yet Recon ships are only at level 1 and only level 1 cyno?

“Focused Apostle” yet you have 3.6mil sp in drones for some reason but only 24k sp in Repair Drone Operation?

No neurotoxin skills to be able to use boosters properly either.
Oh, can’t forget that you can only lock 5 targets too, with Target Management III, meaning that you can barely actually use this toon for FAUX ops.

But this toon is “focused” and worth 29bil, far more double the extraction price?

lol? u can’t expect a cap toon with this little sp to be perfect. it is focused…not sure if you noticed those drone skills are required to use the repair drones efficiently/use basic drones.

it’s a fine toon, and is focused, just a starter one. I recognize the price is probably a bit high considering I don’t know the price of toons (this is the first one im selling).

thanks for ur input. If u have a legitimate offer lmk.

am willing to do 15b if still interested. the 20b offer fell through.

nvm outbid

I’ll offer 15B