WTS Faction forts

Got a Faction moraru fortizar

and a faction Marginis Fortizar (sold)

price checking will take best offer after 2 days



How much are you looking to get for the Marginis?

current offer is 105 for marginis and 200 for moraru

current offer is 105, if you would like to offer more please do


poggers bumpy

will do 80b for Moraru

nty, its 1 of 3 left so not taking such a low bid

I’ll do 100b for the Moreau

wait what? only 3 Moreau’s left in the game?

I mean if that’s actually true I’ll offer more. I’ll leave it to my far more learned colleague to ascertain the veracity of your claims.

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68 Moreau Fortizars were created when old stations were changed over to faction Fortizars, and there are 9 recorded as destroyed according to zkill. Meaning there is potentially 59 still remaining, so only 3 left seems unlikely. Feel free to prove me wrong. :slight_smile:

Mr. hype farm over here

aww maaaan I was happy to own “1 of 3 left”, I guess it was too good to be true.


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