Wts fax and whale role

37m,I want sell 35b
I english is bad .
Use translation software to communicate。



Hi, you need to log in “trouble vni” here, and confirm you own that character.

Good luck with sale.

ok,this in here

wts the character.

20 bil isk ready

my use skill extractor is sell 26b
20b you live in dream

35b 包转移费用 或者31b不包转移费用


Ill give you the 27b

I use draw skills is sell 26b,and thatI have a
5m chaeacter

27 you save taxes, get rid of slot and still make more then extracting


30b emmmmm

Offer accepted, please send isk in 9527 crazyx .Support plex payment.

If I can, I’ll give it to you as a plex, about 11765

OK ,I agree。

i can give you plex 12000to buy this acc。ok?

I’ve given you plex in the form of a contract. The account to be transferred is 1262463366kaikaikai