[WTS] FCV CSV Max Leadership/Booster Character 47m SP - specialised


Command Ships V
Perfect Scanning
1.1M unallocated SP
Clean corp/alliance history
Remap available

Offers start at 38b

buyout offer 45b

After research, price raised to reflect the rarity and specialization of character. In no rush to sell but will accept serious offers in the price range above. (Roughly: 28b extraction value, 60b injection value)

28 bil

30 bil

27 bil offer

Offers noted


Bumping the thread

Bumping the thread

28bil offer

The link won’t open.

Thank you for letting me know, the link is fixed.

No interest in offers close to the extraction value.

47mSkills, 28b is already very suitable.

@Bieli We don’t have to waste time and get into a debate or negotiate. Please feel free to buy another character. Thanks for your interest.

Okay, I’m very sorry to bother you. I hope you don’t have to care.

@bieli No disrespect, sorry if I came across that way.


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