P R I C E C H E C K : would like to sell this character


yearly remap available

BEST Fleet boost - Tengu / Loki / command ships

pvp & pve accomplished


pass 1234

I’d say around 74-78b range, higher if you meet the criteria of a specialized role a specific buyer is looking for.

However since you didn’t share the password to your skillboard, thats about as broad as I can get :slight_smile:

thank you Brock

sorry about no pass

pass 1234

would this work?

Yup PW worked. Fleet booster is still a required role in all major fleets, so your leadership skills still hold a lot of weight, I think I’ll still stand by my original estimate, to raise the value add in some pre capital skills like the JDC/JDO/JFC to get jump skills going, top of some pre capital drone skills like Drone Interfacing V , Drone Avionics V

thank you thank you :wink:

Brock please see my advert bellow

let me know what you think?

Bit cluttered for my taste , I’m a fan of bullet points :slight_smile: if you want a fast sell I’m sure you will get some extraction level offers which I think if I remember right for you was around 73.5b

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great! thank you for the feedback!!


I am looking to sell quick but would prob not go bellow 74bil

thanks again!

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