S O L D : 84mil SP perfect boost command pvp/pve pilot + good market skills : to Vortex Mashiro

(SeinLegman) #1
  • 84,090,602 (yearly remap available)

  • looking for 80bil

  • Character is in an NPC corp and is currently docked up Eram 0.8 (high)

  • Zero’d isk balance and no assets

  • No kill rights. 0 Bounty

  • 0.87 Security Status

  • I will pay the CCP Character Transfer Fee.

  • BEST Fleet boost - Tengu / Loki / command ships

  • pvp & pve accomplished (tengu nullsec ready)

  • almost max missile skills


pass 1234

P R I C E C H E C K : would like to sell this character
P R I C E C H E C K : would like to sell this character
(SeinLegman) #2

any interest willing to hear offers

(Vortex Mashiro) #3

72B bid :slight_smile:

(Gattanera) #4

71 bil

(SeinLegman) #5

FAB! Willing to accept at 73.5

(Vortex Mashiro) #6

73.5B deal

(Vortex Mashiro) #7

73.5B deal

(SeinLegman) #8

A C C E P T E D 73.5 bil isk

(SeinLegman) #9

please send isk and account info

(SeinLegman) #10

thank you for your interest Gattanera

(Vortex Mashiro) #11

isk & account info sent with takitani genji

(Vortex Mashiro) #12

char received

(system) #13

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