WTS Fleet Booster and Loki pilot (good pvp toon)

Tired of FC asking for more boosters or the fleet just won’t leave? Here is his answer ! Of course he won’t say thanks and will probably Commissar you if you ask for thanks, but be a team player for once in your life and get this toon!

He flies loki cloaky

He is also a pretty good pvp toon.

Most importantly, isn’t he sexy wearing those shades?


Pass: 1234

Price? I kind of like the old rule, 1 bil per 1 mil ?

But maybe I am feeling nice, thus starting price: 30 billion.

I will pay for the transfer fee.

cant do 30 but willing to offering 27B

That will be too much under the belt-line, because I also pay for the transfer fee. 30 B is already a real good discounted price, if you can reach that, I will be looking for a short-sale (still sold today).

In-game Offer from Cap Alberto Bertorelli 18B accepted via “Gentlemen’s agreement” yesterday. Awaiting isk transfer so I can start immediate transfer.

Edit: Typo on my part. Gentlemen agreement in-game was 28B (please refer to last post).

Confirmed!! sending ISK and Account now


Sorry for the delay had log in issues

just relogged, if isk arrived, will confirm shortly and transfer

MISTAKE typo on my part !
Agreed amount yesterday was 28B. !!
I have chat logs etc to confirm. Gentlemen agreement was 28 B, only 18 B in account. Can you please transfer other 10B as only 18B arrived.
Sorry for the misunderstanding

I confirm that I have in-game confirmed the wrong amount again (after the original 28B that we have agreed upon). Reason for this being that the transfer was not made upon the pre-coordinated time, and I neglected another better offer, thus for some reason (probably getting old), I did indeed confirm there a wrong amount.

As a gesture of good will, I lowered the price even further to 27B.

Buyer was kind enough to have patience with me approaching mid-life crisis phase in life, and has still offered to pay 28B.

Isk received ! Will initiate the transfer now.

Character transfer has been initiated. Have fun trading ! :slight_smile:

A Gentlemans agreement is a gentlemans agreement

CCP mail recieved




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