WTS Female Viking Descendent 6M SP

Her namesake Jorunn Skaldmaer: the Viking age female poet - K.S. Barton Author (ksbarton.com)
Located in Tash-Murkon Prime
No Kill Rights
6m SP 1 m unallocated

5B Min Pretty Pls



i offer 4,5 right now

Thanks Red but asking for 5 :slight_smile:

Non negotiable on the 5?
Just asking :wink:

Ha ha doesn’t hurt right? Not on this one sorry. 5 and 5.5m toons generally go for 4.5.

What do you have with 5,5 M SP
With cybernetic 5 and perhaps into PI?

You cant have PI or cybernetics 5 with an Alpha account. This toon has Cyb 3 and you have 1 million unallocated SP to put towards PI 5. Win WIn

5.5B OBO

Have made you an ingame message :wink:

kind regards BlueeyesDK

still not open for an offer??

5B ISK Received and starting toon transfer now.


Thank you