WTS Fitted Aeon (Amamake)

Aeon + following Fit: https://evepraisal.com/a/ycde4
Replies via forum please, not checking ingame often

So you are open, to move it somewhere else?

Not planning on that, no. If the Keepstar dies it will just go to asset safety ( which means it will be impounded for a while of course).

considering the asset safety cost IF it dies. you could move it to Amamake which is 1 jump away

True, but if I read the official guide correctly it’s 0.5% of the value if moved insystem - that’s not much, considering it would be of obviously only the hull estimate (which i think is still significantly lower than the going prices). And that is only if the Keep actually dies, which may or may not happen :slight_smile:.

I’m not currently playing and the Basgerin news has just reminded me that I have that thing sitting there; so that’s why I am a bti lazy to move it and can just wait.


I see your point.
Generally speaking, supers in such NPC stations sell for lower prices, cause its alot more risky to undock them.
If you get camped, you can never dock up again.

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Ah that’s true, thanks for pointing it out. Guess I might have to bite the bullet and move it then :slight_smile:

Moved to Amamake and updated OP

32b offer, valid 24 hours

Hm…how about 33?

31 today

you have a full minute of invulnerability after you undock. there can be 100 hics waiting for you outside they cant do anything as long as you hit jump once your session change timer is over.

No thanks.

Lowered general price to 33b, but atm won’t go below that since considering the currently publically available hulls and the fit its a good offer imo.

well if you decide you need money, put it up for me. o/

Still for sale.

Still for sale.

Still for sale.

Bump is a complete sentence.

Le bump