hi i’m for sale

no killrights, in high sec, npc corp etc etc


t2 indy core
jdc 4
cap industrial ships 4
panic 4
drone nav 5
drone avionics 5
drone interfacing 5
mining drone spec 5

has the digmaster blazon skin for rorq btw


let’s start the bidding off at 14b

15B u r mine

thanks for the bid!

how much about bo price?

if you could do 17b we can do this right now

17B is a reasonal price,i want to have a look skillboard.

oh sorry i thought i linked it


ok 17b bo i will transfer moeny and account later

how long do you think it will take you

What are the requirements for plex role transfe

i pay the transfer fee as the seller

store 1000plex in your plex vault, write a support ticket to gm

i would rather wait on accepting your buyout offer until you’re ready to send the isk

if someone matches or beats your offer in the meantime i will have to accept it

of course i will send isk as soon as possible. then you start transfering.

18 billion

if you are ready to transfer isk now i will accept this offer

i am sending isk now

dont be rush pls

you will need to match the 18b offer otherwise i am accepting it

please confirm you are online and ready