Rorq pilot (SOLD)

Sold for 16.5b, Thanks

PLEX transfers arn’t a thing anymore

they works fine, when you send petition.

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Ok ill start you off with 15b, valid for today

Sorry, minimum I’m looking for 17.5b
Not in hurry to sell


16.5 and ill sell this char

How long until he can use the P.A.N.I.C.?

1.5m sp to P.A.N.I.C
1.75m sp to Indy Core II

8 injectors = 6.5b, so for cheap price (16…5toon + 6.5injectors=23b)
U will get good mining Rorq


Ill accept your 16b offer.

i accept 16.5b

With almost 4 chars sold it takes from 6 to 24 hours to transfer, if this is ok -
send isk and account name, ill petition to start transfer asap.

send isk to which char.? do it in eve mail?

As CCP rules, isk and eve-mail with your account name(where toon will be transferred) to me

If previous buyer retract, my offer 15.8b (all I have)

Isk and account name sent.

Isk and account name received. Petition to start transfer send.
Thanks for deal and fly safe.

Hope you will mine billions of isk !

still waiting for transfer

Char already on your account. Fly safe