Rorq pilot (SOLD)

(Nemesis Ofyou) #1

Sold for 16.5b, Thanks

WTB Rorqual Pilot 20-30b
WTB Rorqual focus
(Erufen Rito) #2

PLEX transfers arn’t a thing anymore

(ProjecT Tiranus) #3

they works fine, when you send petition.

(WealtH ImmigranT) #4

Ok ill start you off with 15b, valid for today

(Nemesis Ofyou) #5

Sorry, minimum I’m looking for 17.5b
Not in hurry to sell

(LZHX Sabre) #6


(Nemesis Ofyou) #7

16.5 and ill sell this char

(cretan Audeles) #8

How long until he can use the P.A.N.I.C.?

(Nemesis Ofyou) #9

1.5m sp to P.A.N.I.C
1.75m sp to Indy Core II

8 injectors = 6.5b, so for cheap price (16…5toon + 6.5injectors=23b)
U will get good mining Rorq

(ZE KING) #10


(Nemesis Ofyou) #11

Ill accept your 16b offer.

(sevenfan) #13

i accept 16.5b

(Nemesis Ofyou) #14

With almost 4 chars sold it takes from 6 to 24 hours to transfer, if this is ok -
send isk and account name, ill petition to start transfer asap.

(sevenfan) #15

send isk to which char.? do it in eve mail?

(Nemesis Ofyou) #16

As CCP rules, isk and eve-mail with your account name(where toon will be transferred) to me

(ZE KING) #17

If previous buyer retract, my offer 15.8b (all I have)

(sevenfan) #18

Isk and account name sent.

(Nemesis Ofyou) #19

Isk and account name received. Petition to start transfer send.
Thanks for deal and fly safe.

Hope you will mine billions of isk !

(sevenfan) #20

still waiting for transfer

(ProjecT Tiranus) #21

Char already on your account. Fly safe