Wts rorqual Pilot(25.3M sp)

Maxed ore mine income.Decent Tank and Panic III
Ready combat rorq.Npc corp, posivite wallet. no killrights, in perimetr.
Deal gonna be made via plex transfer ticket.
Starting bid is 24B


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PLEX transfer? That service was disabled by CCP

no,all ccp rules apply

There is no PLEX transfer ticket anymore.

15.5Bil offer ISK ready

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Bump. Offers still to low.

16 billion

16,1 b offer

16.2 billion

Below extraction price

Most people just want your toon to extract or turn around and resale. Wait and you will get an offer from someone who needs a rorq pilot and wants to keep it.

edit 16b is about extraction price after buying extractors from market then selling injectors - taxes

Still worth more.

Hello! Just a few friendly notes. First, one bump per 24 hour period. Second, you can no longer use PLEX for character transfers. Thanks!

Can I know why? This is my first time to sell a role in a forum

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15 billion offer valid 24 hours

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cancel a sale