WTS focused expo/ind. char (sold)


Focused Exploration & Industrial/Hauling character. All relevant f2p skills maxed or level 4, including some alpha skills (e.g. Cloacking IV)

  • Positive Wallet
  • +3 implants
  • No Kill Rights
  • Remap available
  • Currently located in a High-sec station (2 jumps from Jita)

Starting 5bil


3b offer

daily bump

4 bil

Whats OBO? I’ll offer 6 bil OBO right now, thats overpaying according to the chart. Let me know, actively looking for a scanner alt, once I get one i’ll be retracting all other offers.

Sounds good. Once the transfer of 6bil was made I’ll initiate the CCP transfer and stop the skill learning plan.

I’ll be doing the transaction for overboard, he’ll confirm here, then i’ll send the 6 billion to the character Yukora.

He’s 23 jumps away from being able to switch chars, estimate 10-12 minutes.

Heh, just wrote Overboard per in-game mail. Once the sum has been wired I need to know the account name to which this char is to be transferred to by CCP for the support ticket.

No problem. About 20 jumps away and i’ll be able to send, from Obediens, i’ll include the account name.

Isk and account name sent!

Ticket is out.

Sold. Transfer complete. Enjoy.

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