WTS Focused Frig/Destroyer T2 Pilot 16.3m SP

You’re gonna need a bigger boat? Wrong… Small ship pilot for sale.

Will come with no assets and 0.1 isk. Located in Jita I will pay the transfer fee. Positive Killboard, minimal corp history and no Killrights.

Frig lv5
Destroyer lv5
AF lv5
Tact Destroyer lv5
Interceptors lv5

amongst other things. Starting Bid 8bn B/O 18bn. Auction Ends DT 25th November GMT.

Any questions please just ask. Thanks for looking.

Can offer 7.5b if you are willing to let it go at that price.

Hi sorry too low and the auction expired. Char not sold.

Please lock mods. Thanks.

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