WTS Focused Loki with rapid lights and DST


Positive wallet and located in hi-sec, some fancy implants


the countdown to doomheim has begun

Save me the grueling extraction process, Bids start at 19B and i will give it a couple days to see if he gets a little bump for nice focus, to bad about the name but i just cant be seen flying a KAREN lol…

lets do this guys,

Karin Dunk 19B

Thank you, if your bid is high bid at the end of 48 hours, he’s yours.

20b offer

Thank you,
This thread is now a WTS with a buy of 20.5b for immediate transfer… or highest offer at the end of the 48hrs.

I’ll offer 21b

22b offer

Edited for proper clarification

Rav Airuta I accept this offer and thank you.
Send info and isk and i will get the transfer going

isk and details sent

Received, starting transfer process.

Thank you

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