WTS Focused VNI/Ishtar Pilots

All characters are:
-Positive sec status
-Positive wallet
-Located in Jita 4-4
-No kill rights
-NPC Corp
-2 Bonus Remaps Available
-Near perfect Heavy Drone boats
-10.4M~ SP

Otie Ormand SOLD

Petis Dallocort 10B

Penn Eyrou SOLD

Timothy Lee Charante SOLD

I am for sale.

I am for sale.

I am for sale.

I am for sale.

Hello I would like to make a BO offer of 10bil for a quick sale please. This is for Otie Ormand. Thank you


Hi, willing to accept the offer made above?

Bump it up to 11 and we have a deal :wink:


Penn Eyrou 11b

Accepted, will start transfer once ISK and account info has been recieved.

11B ISK has translated, in-game mail has sent an account

ISK recieved, transfer has been initiated, thankyou!


Timothy Lee Charante 10B

Considering buying one, can you convo me in game please? (this isn’t to haggle price)

Otie Ormand for 10.1bil please

Otie Ormand 11B B/O

Accepted, will begin transfer once info/funds have been received