WTS focused Wyverna pilot 41m SP


  • Currently NPC Corp.
  • Positive Wallet balance.
  • No Kill rights.
  • Character location JITA 4-4.
  • Positive sec status,
  • Transfer isk to this char

Rare name
Perfect jump skills
active clone: Full High-Grade Nirvana set

All CCP rules apply, i will pay transfer fee.
B/O 42b

I offer 32B

dayly bump

dayly bamp

35b Offer Isk Ready

Saturnus, are you still selling? You’ve not responded for a while.

would be offering 36 bil

i’m here )
I was waiting for real offers

Are offers above your Start Bid no real Offers?

I offer 40 Bil

accept offer. waiting isk and account name

Account name and ISK sent

ISK recieved, sorry for the delay

no worrys thank you for the trade