WTS for Bestla in Obe

If you want, please contact me. The current quotation is 185B

I’ll take it, Contract Riperd Jacks

That’s very close to where I live!!! I accept your quotation. Please create a contract for me

ok, I am waiting for a higher quote, maybe it will be generated tonight


What’s this? If you could come online in-game, that would be great.

Maybe 190b is a good numberPlease send the contract to me if there is no higher offer

I think we can go higher. Let’s wait for later. Let me wait for a higher offer.

Haha, the lads here trying to snag that ■■■■ at that steal price not realizing the seller’s just poorly worded his desire to keep his eyes open for higher offers.

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It seems that the latest quotation has arrived in 202b