WTS Fortizar, Revelation, Orca BPO and others

Fortizar BPO 8/14 -70b

Revelation BPO 10/16 - 8b
Orca BPO 10/16 - 3.5b
Capital Jump Bridge Array 10/20 -5.5b
Capital Ship Maintenance Bay 10/20 -2.2b
Plus many other capital part BPOs - ask

21 for the hel bpo contract to this char

65B Erebus BPO

No thx to both

PM’ed ingame

I will take the Rev BPO. Contract to this char, please

Naglfar and Revelation sold some parts added

Erebus BPO 8/10 70b

I am at work, but did Rev BPO get sold to me? If so, I will accept contract this evening.

No someone came before you sorry

Thanks for the offer but no thx

I offer
75 B

80 Bill for the Bus BPO

Thx but thats no longer for sale

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