WTS Erebus, Capital, Capital Module BPO's

I have the following BPO’s for sale located in Jita 4-4:

Erebus 8/14 - 75b

Revelation - 9/18 - SOLD
Archon - 9/18 - 3b
Apostle - 9/18 - SOLD

Capital Rigs (all 10/20) - 100m each
Capital Core Defense Field Extender
Capital Trimark Armor Pump

Capital Modules
Fighter Support Unit -8/18
25000mm Steel Plates - 9/16
Siege Module I - 9/14
Dual Giga Beam Laser - 9/18
Dual Giga Pulse Laser - 9/18
Capital Energy Neutralizer - 8/16
Capital Emergency Hull Energizer - 9/16
Satyr I - 10/20
Siren I - 10/20
Templar I - 10/20

Prices above, obo.


Contract me the following at 2bil each

Capital Doomsday Weapon Mount
Capital Jump Bridge Array
Capital Siege Array
Capital Launcher Hardpoint


I could take the entire pack at 1.5bil each.

Contract is up.

Charon BPO sold, Erebus BPO price updated.

You can put the Apostle BPO on contract towards me for 3b.

Contract is up.

I’ll take the revelation BPO

Contract is up.


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