WTS four 5.0-5.49m SP characters - focus trained Alpha VNI alts

Hello, selling 4 characters with 5-5.49m SP useful for SP farm or are almost perfectly trained for Alpha VNIs.

All 4 have:

  • Positive wallet balance
  • 5.0 sec status
  • No kill rights
  • No jump clones
  • Located in Jita
  • NPC Corporation

2 Bonus remaps + 1 Yearly Remap (character with “1” is on yearly CD until 9/9/19)

The character that I am posting with and ONLY this character has Rorq skills injected

Other than the above, skills are mostly the same, but do differ slightly so please feel free to look through them if you want:



2 other character links are in the first reply, I can’t include more than two links in my post due to it being my first post

Minimum bid on all characters: 5.5b

Buyout on all characters: 8b

All characters will be transferred via PLEX + Support ticket.

Please leave bids and include the name for the character below, if you leave in game mail please leave a message here as well.

Confirming that this character is for sale.

Additionally, including the 3rd and 4th character links:



Confirming that this character is for sale

Confirming that this character is for sale

Confirming that this character is for sale

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