WTS Gallente Level 5 Faction Puller

Selling my Gallente level 5 faction puller

Connections V allows it to accept level 5s

Pass: 1348

B/o: 7b




Eveboard: “Automatic API Update disabled, Reason: Key has expired. Contact key owner for access renewal.”

Bump - eveboard fixed

Bump b/o lowered

  1. Toon needs to be in an NPC corp before you sell.

  2. B/O Lowered … To 8 bil. What were you asking before for this 2 mil SP toon ?


Daily Bump

Still for sale?

Yes, char is still for sale.

Update the EVEBoard keys then I’ll pop an offer in

Bump, eveboard updated.

I’ll put an offer of 5b on the table.

Can you post a screenshot of your current standings please?

also, is this character still for sale?

Assuming Gallente standings are > 7.0, I will offer 6 Billion

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