WTS: Gilas, Worms, Stratios, Astero, and more

Blueprint Backstock Status: Very Strong
Production: Normal
Est Order Fullfillment: <24h

Looking to sell large quantities of Gilas, Worms, Stratios, Asteros. Other faction ships potentially on request.

All volumes from 1 to 100+ considered.

All ships located in Jita, different locations at my consideration.

Pricing depends on volume, at a minimum will be cheaper than Jita.

Inquiries to this char or in this thread.

Bumping. Responded to all ingame inquiries.

Generally speaking I do:

Those last 4 may vary depending on market conditions / availability of BPCs (they don’t allow the scale I normally operate at.)

All outstanding orders complete/completing.

No backlog, get your ships today!

I am looking to buy 20 gilas. Would appreciate if you’ll mail me pricing for these

Responded to this and other ingame requests.

Currently no backlog anticipated, open to all new orders, in all quantities!

Another day, more happy customers, and another massive pile of Gilas + more to sell!

Get your cheap ships today!

Got a couple spare Orthrus, Garmur, and Worms just lying around today, looking for new owners!

As always, unlimited Gilas, and another large batch of Worms inbound as well.

Current order turnaround should be <24h if not immediate depending on shiptypes and quantity!

Fun fact: When you buy these ships from the market, 1 in 4 (give or take, it varies) times, you’re buying from me and just WASTING YOUR ISK.

Don’t waste your isk - place a direct order and SAVE!

After several thousand Gilas, I’ve decided that I’m going into the shuttle business.

From here on out, I’ll be exclusively manufacturing Amarr shuttles, as they look the prettiest.
…or not. Happy April Fools Day! Get your cheap ships today!

Gila prices are on the rise again. Can YOU afford to pay market price?

Instead, buy a few for cheaper than market - or buy a FREAKIN FREIGHTERLOAD on the cheap!

Could you mail me your current inventory/pricing? Thanks

Responded in email.

Inventory is generally built to order or is taken off my daily production. I generally build hundreds of hulls every week, so it’s less about inventory and more about what you want.

This thread is generally for me to be able to sell my volume without playing 0.01 isk games with small time sellers on the market. I generally still sell >50% of my ships on the market (and make up a large percentage of it as mentioned above).

Bumping this for the day. Also please note my edit at the top - no seller has been able to keep up with my quantity, as such I require more suppliers. Any quantity, 45m/apiece.

Bump. Some BPC volume concerns have been solved. Still selling you the best deal/volume of anyone out there!

Bump. Still buying any and all BPCS.

Also selling all volumes of ships - production continues unhindered!

Hope everyone had a great Easter!

Bump, still selling the most!

Still Selling large amounts of Gilas (and others), below market direct, or on the market in Jita. Save me effort, save yourself some isk, and get a top notch gila created by the best!

Gila BPC stock as of right now (this will be built by tomorrow) - always buying more BPCs:

How much for 100 worms?

Just coming back after a lovely weekend off. Still open for business, back in the normal triple digit gila bpcs spare, so full steam ahead on production.

@Apollyon_Qrr responded/responding to your comment in evemail now.

Still producing, still selling the most!