WTS Golem pilot 2008 32kk SP

(Commander Sarok) #1


Pass 123

32.440.000 SP
Born in 2008
Clean corp history
Clean KB
Positive SEC status 5.01
SOE 9.99
Pernament Golem Kalakiotta skin
No kill rights
2 remap
Positive Wallet
Location HS 4 - 4
Transfer via Plex

Starting bid 25B

Good Luck !

(Zazzel Blackthorn) #2

25 bil

(Cathie Chrysant) #3

27 B/O

EDIT: Made offer in game

(Commander Sarok) #4

Daily bump.

(Zazzel Blackthorn) #5

28 bil

(Cathie Chrysant) #6

29 bil

(Ludvik Obraniak) #7

30B, or contact in game when you are online.

(Cathie Chrysant) #8

34 bil B/O ?

(Commander Sarok) #9

Ok Cathie, I accept your offer 34B,

Send ISK to this pilot, send account name via ingame mail to me, and I start transfer.

(Cathie Chrysant) #10

ISK and info sent

(Commander Sarok) #11

ISK and account name recived.

CCP recived a petition to transfer this Pilot to your account.

Thank You and have a good flight with him!
Commander Sarok

(system) #12

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