WTS Great Main Toon

*toon is in NPC Corp. ESI should update soon

Black Ops 5
Logistic Cruisers 5
Nidhoggur / Hel Pilot
Great support skills
Great T2 Triage Mino Pilot
Caldari B/C/D/F 5
Minmatar C/D 5
Rhea Pilot in case you need to move items.
Decent trading Skills if you want to sell your stuff.

Many skins including rare ones:
Angel Hex: Machariel
Bloody Hands: Nidhoggur & Hel
Chainbreaker Khumaak: Nidhoggur & Hel
Convergence Nova: Garmur & Orthrus
Firewall Breach: Hel & Munin
Firewatch: Marshal
Ghostbird: Basi, Cerb & Rhea
Justice: Munin, Nidhoggur & Panther
Krusual: Nidhoggur
Nugoeihuvi: Rokh
Saro ‘Black Troop’: Marshal
Tronhadar Ink: Nidhoggur
Wyyrkomi: Widow & Naga

and a few more.


All CCP Rules Apply
Positive Wallet
Positive Sec Status
Located in Hi-Sec

i think you ask a lot of isk! i can offer you 40b

55 B .

Appreciate the offers.
I’m looking for 60B
Close to 15B in skins alone.
This is not a extractor mule for traders but a legit main toon that you can continue to develop nicely without a single wasted sp :slight_smile:

Offer 60b

I will be home later tonight and can start the transfer once funds and account info is received in game.

Isk and account info sent.

Transfer started.

Thx and enjoy!

Another player is transferring the character Shadow Monk to your account
??? the character is not Kerb Krawler?

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@ ISD_Sakimura

From: Moth orchid
Sent: 2018.08.28 11:58
To: PC LL,

i only need isk.


It appears somebody has tried to scam you, I suggest to escalate to a GM through petitioning immediately. Don’t worry buddy, you’ll get your cash back and the offender will be banned :slight_smile:

Probably a hacked account, already extracted and the isk laundered. At least the OP will probably get refunded after a GM investigation and everything checks out ok.

Thank you guys, I took my isk back and it’s over.


I pressed the right character to transfer.
Sold other toons last week without issue and I check my trader toon to find 60B taken off account.
Not a hack just another ■■■■■■■ CCP ■■■■.
Now I have to unban the account.
■■■■ this game and this ■■■■■■■ mess.

Not everybody is a isk laundering douche.
I pressed the right toon to transfer but it took another off that account.

Instead of fearmongering the guy with doom scenarios everybody could have walked back with what they wanted since GM could have swapped the toon without issues. Happened to my mates before.
The baseline assumption that everybody is a scammer is quite sad really and now I’m with a banned account cause a paranoid community and trigger happy GM are not capable of dealing with a simple issue.

Had you responded 2 days ago after the issue first occurred I’m sure things would have worked out differently. Giving people time to think and they start thinking about the very scenarios you wanted to avoid.

Either case, I’m sure you’ll work it out with a GM - no need to update this thread until you’ve resolved the issue.

When you transfer toon you log off and forget it.