WTS Myself *Again :)

After a misunderstanding this acc got banned, buyer got cold feet (kinda understandable even thou GM could have moved the right toon) and sale went to ■■■■.

Here I am for sale agan, all issues have been resolved and as you can see this account is in good standing and ready to find a happy new owner. :slight_smile:

Black Ops 5 (Widow / Marshal beast)
Logistic Cruisers 5
Nidhoggur / Hel Pilot
Great support skills
Great T2 Triage Mino Pilot
Caldari B/C/D/F 5
Minmatar C/D 5
Rhea Pilot in case you need to move items.
Decent trading Skills if you want to sell your stuff.

Many skins including rare ones:
Angel Hex: Machariel
Bloody Hands: Nidhoggur & Hel
Chainbreaker Khumaak: Nidhoggur & Hel
Convergence Nova: Garmur & Orthrus
Firewall Breach: Hel & Munin
Firewatch: Marshal
Ghostbird: Basi, Cerb & Rhea
Justice: Munin, Nidhoggur & Panther
Krusual: Nidhoggur
Nugoeihuvi: Rokh
Saro ‘Black Troop’: Marshal
Tronhadar Ink: Nidhoggur
Wyyrkomi: Widow & Naga

and a few more.


All CCP Rules Apply
Positive Wallet
Positive Sec Status
Located in Hi-Sec

60B. Eve-mail me if you want to accept it.

61 billion isk ready

62 bil

63 billion

Sneaky little bastard

64 billion

I won’t go higher than 63. congratulations

Please send isk and ACC info.

Alright. At work atm, I’ll do it when I get home

Np. Same here. Working on labor day FML :smiley:

isk and account info sent

You didn’t send ACC name in mail so I had to re-type it which I hate to do.

I just transferred the toon hopefully to the right account lol
Post reply when you get the notification cause email from CCP are greatly delayed on my end. Last transfer I did, got the notification email 40h after the fact.

Did you get the toon?
Toon out of acc but I’m still signed in here and no notification email from CCP on my end but they did take the $$ for the transfer.

I did get the toon

No email though

All good then.

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