WTS Great Starter Character PVP or Indy /Trading SOLD

(Adnot D'Legion) #1


Gallente Focused PvP or Indy Character.
Jump Freighter capable ( LVL 2)
0 Isk Wallet
Quick Subsystem Train to get into Proteus.
Currently docked Amarr VIII -Emperor Family Academy

20B obo

(Violent Disposition) #2

18Bil B/O missing a lot of skills and no remap.

(Alocose) #3

22.5 Billion B/O ISK Ready

(Adnot D'Legion) #4

22.5 b Sold Awaiting isk/info

(Alocose) #5

logging in now will start convo

(Alocose) #6

Isk and account information sent awaiting conformation of transfer

(Adnot D'Legion) #7

Isk received transfer initiated

Thank you

(Alocose) #8

Received a conformation email from CCP will check back and verify once character has been received.

(system) #9

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